Confine Space Programme -AGT & SP

Confined spaces are the MOST dangerous workplace hazard.  TERATES RESOURCES is able to help you with this matter.

MALAYSIA Industry Code of Practice for Safe Working in Confined Space stated Confined Space Entry Programme shall include at least the following elements: (DOSH, 2010)

  1. Employer shall IDENTIFY ALL HAZARDS associated with working in the confined space
  2. Employer shall carry out the RISK ASSESSMENT before carrying out work involving entry into a confined space.
  3. Based on the risk assessment, employer shall establish and implement the procedures and practices of HAZARD CONTROL that provide safe entry into confined space,
  4. Provision of at least one STAND-BY PERSON outside the confined space into which entry is authorized for the duration of entry operations
  5. For MONITORING OF MULTIPLE CONFINED SPACE by a single stand-by person the programme shall include the means and procedures to enable the stand-by person.
  6. Employer shall develop a written system for preparation, issuance, implementation and cancellation of PERMIT OF WORK.
  7. SIGNAGE shall be posted at conspicuous places when work is being carried out.
  8. Employer shall ensure that their employees who are involved in confined space operation have undergone TRAINING on confined space safety coursed approved by Director General and passed the examination.
  9. Employer shall provide appropriate EQUIPMENT, e.g: PPE, lighting equipment, barrier & shields etc.
  10. MEANS OF COMMUNICATION may vary depending upon the type of work being done and nature of the workplace.
  11. PROTECTION such as physical barrier shall be provided to control POTENTIAL HAZARDS posed by pedestrians and vehicles.
  12. Employers shall designate and IDENTIFY THE DUTIES of employees to be an authorized entrant, stand-by person etc.
  13. Employers shall PROVIDE AND BRIES CONTRACTORS WITH INFORMATION about the confined space hazards, safety rules and emergency procedures in compliance with Industry Code of Practice.
  14. COORDINATION OF ENTRY OPERATION involving employees of more than one contractor working simultaneously.

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